Are You A Boho Babe @ Home???

Are You A Boho Babe @ Home???

“Boho is short for bohemian style, it free-spirited, eclecticly creative, put together over time, it’s a relaxed lifestyle!  It was first introduced in the design world back in the 1700’s, came back in the 70’s and is now making a big comeback in 2023, and I love it!


For quite sometime I was all about the Farmhouse Style….paint chipped furniture (which I do still love), all white walls and a lot of vintage chotskys!  I still loved and incorporated a lot of color but over the past couple of years I started gravitating to the Boho laid back home decor.  Nowadays it can be designed very neutral or full of color, of course mine is full of color!


Let’s talk furniture first!  One of the best things about the bohemian style for bohemian styling is that anything can be repurposed and replenished when you are trying to create or recreate a bohemian space.  If you are a DIYer, hit up the thrift stores or a flea market and grab yourself a fun piece of furniture that you can paint in any color you like!  I like to distress it myself!  Granted it will be a bit of extra work, but the outcome will be your very own one-of-a-kind item that you can call your very own.   Not a DIYer, there are a ton of shops and boutiques out there that do the work for you, just like my @Salvagechicmd !  Bring in some Rattan and wicker with a fun fabric pillow!  Don’t shy away from bright color and patterns.


Secondly, Use lamps, and candles instead of overhead lighting to create a warm ambiance.  Group multiple candles together for an even more dreamy feel!  Lanterns also put out a warm vibe instead of overhead lighting!  I also like to use warm light bulbs vs. white and bright!



Now it’s time to Go Green, plants that is and more than the average!  It goes without saying, but boho just doesn't look right unless you're fully embracing that laid back jungle look although not over the top!  Indoor plants, big and small, wooden planters or even hanging a few in macramé planters on the wall. They can all give you that boho, tropical feel.



What’s on your walls?  Artwork can really tie a place together nicely and the bohemian style can handle just about everything.  Hang a nice Macrame Wall piece, or some funky art work.  I always like fun art with animal faces.  I also love a good Gallery Wall….layering different pictures, frames, art etc.


How about your floors?  We have hardwood through out our house but lots of throw rugs and layered too!  Rugs not only ground the space, but they also give your space a cozy company feel!  You can start with a textured rug like sisal and then layer and angle a fun patterned rug on top!


Let’s move on to TEXTURE!  One thing the boho home never lacks is texture.  Adding texture to your room can be achieved in so many ways!  Use baskets to hold plants, stack some of your favorite home decor books in a corner and hang a pretty tapestry on the wall!  A cozy blanket tossed over the sofa and a few large throw pillows will round out your room!!


Lastly, add some vintage or hand aid pieces to your decor or something you brought home from your travels!  Make it about you!  Just be free and creative!  Anything goes in the boho world so just have fun with it!  When you walk in your front door you want to smile and say, Honey I’m HOME!
















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