Whose house needs a home makeover????  I’m doing mine now😝but I know it will be worth it in the long road!  We started 2 years ago but just like everyone else, we didn’t want to spend an absolute fortune!  

How are we doing it without breaking the bank??   Here are 5 things we did and you can tooooo…..


#1.  We painted all the walls white!


Well all but my bedroom, we painted it pink!  (Yes he agreed lol). White goes with everything and if you know me, I like ALOT of color!



#2.  Cover a wall with a plate or basket collection!

Thrift & consignment stores have a great selection of individual plates and baskets OR just go to grandmas house, I’m sure she has a ton!  Mine did!  (Photo repost, Sadie’s Seasongoods)


#3.  Add a vintage or antique piece of furniture.


I use my dads old bar he built as my TV stand. It adds some charm and character to our family room.

#4. Reupholster On Your Own!!


Reuse and recycle old fabrics, shower curtains or even paint throw cloths to recover your old chair cushions.  It will give your kitchen or dining space a whole new look and you didn’t spend a fortune doing it!  I also do this on my outdoor furniture too!

#5. Shop your own home!


Yes, that’s right!  Walk through your own home and give it a switch up!  Switch up your throw blankets, pillows, and artwork.  You will be amazed at the transitions.  You can also move some furniture around!  I moved a floor lamp that was in my guest room into my family room and took the end table and lamp and put it in the bedroom!  Wala a whole new look!

Think outside the box, get your creative juices flowing!  You will be amazed at the money you can save and the new look will surely put a smile on your face!


Pop your budget friendly remodels in the comments, I would love to see YOUR ideas!



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